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[Brian F.]

Brian F.
Downers Grove, IL

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I found my new masseuse!!! Adela. She's a Body Builder. Strong Hands! Got an hour and a half deep tissue. Fantastic! She knows exactly how to melt the stress and tension out of your tight muscles. I'm 46 with a lot of stress from work, kids, ex, bad tension headaches, Life. Been getting massages for over 20 years. Last good masseuse I had was great but after 10 years she's in her 60's and unfortunately lost the strength. Bounced around, tried Massage Envy, sucked; never got one with strong hands. I'm a big guy. Tried a few oriental SPA's: mixed review and their specialty is not really massage. Took a chance searching Yelp, came across Margaret's, reviews, had a pic of herself, looked strong and legit, called her and set it. I asked her before setting the appointment if she has strong hands. She said don't worry, yes. Showed up, a little caught off guard as I thought I was meeting Margaret, and Adela introduced herself. Female Body Builder. Great massage! Great Person! Set another massage for two weeks from now. (Current location is temporary so don't worry. It's about the hands!)ph here.