Personal Fitness



$70 / 60 minutes

Precision Pain Relief Therapy


$95 / 60 minutes

The act of massaging or any form of touch treatment triggers secretion of a natural anti-depressant called serotonin. You can feel this immediately after a therapy session; you’re calmer, more focused and suffice to say, happier!

Headache Treatment 


$80 / 60 minutes




$70 / 60 minutes

Advanced Healing Techniques + home of precision pain relief therapy

Dynamic Massage Therapy


311  S.  Main Street, Suite 108
Lombard, IL, United States
(630) 728-4833

Living life to its fullest requires a healthy, pain free body. Whether from work, play or both our bodies can develop painful patterns of muscular imbalance and tension.  The pain and fatigue from these patterns can slow us down and keep us from enjoying the fullness of our amazing lives.  At Dynamic Massage Therapy, I am here to help you heal your body and enjoy your life!

Dynamic Massage Therapy is located in Lombard, a western suburb of Chicago. I specialize in practical and effective treatment for athletes, injury rehabilitation, and the bodily stresses that come from working at a computer (yes I can help with that crick in your neck). I have a long history of success breaking through clients’ patterns of pain and imbalance and getting them back to enjoying their lives.

Give your body the well being it deserves, contact me to book your appointment today!